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Just a Girl with Big Dreams and a Blog . . .

September 15, 2019

Just a Girl with Big Dreams and a Blog . . .

Welcome to the official TAZ web log, or blog to you millennials and gen x-ers . . . I used to be one of y’all, but we were referred to as yuppies back in the day. That meant Young Upwardly Mobile Professional. Yep, that would have been me. I had the perfect life: 1 husband, 2 kids, and a dog, Sam Dog. They’ve lived with my idiosyncrasies for longer than any human should. I’ll refrain from embarrassing them further by identifying them. The remarkable thing is they adore me, in spite of my weirdness. Well, except Sam Dog; she died. At least Sam Dog I died. We’ve had a Sam Dog ever since my kids were little. One Sam died and another would appear. I think we were on Sam Dog IV or V when my kids finally realized all dogs weren’t named Sam. We’ve mixed it up since then. We’ve added Max, Mollie, and Henry to our acceptable list of names. We are currently on Mollie I and Henry II but I digress . . .

The point is I’m older now, but if I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her to embrace her idiosyncrasies. To love her uniqueness, her spunk, her insatiable curiosity and not hesitate to try something new. While I embraced most parts of my quirky personality, I was hesitant to give up a successful career in Interior Design and start an adventure in fashion. Now I wonder why I ever waited. It has been the best second chapter ever. I’m passionately in love with the industry . . . the people, the creativity, the energy and the oomph hold my interest like nothing else has ever done, and I love the person I am becoming.

What I hope to do in this blog is to drop a little knowledge about what I have learned and am learning on my journey and why living your best life can start at any time. I’ll be that little voice in your ear that keeps reminding you that making a change is hard, but hard is not impossible.

One day, or day one . . . it’s your decision.



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