Curbside Pickup . . .

So let’s talk about our favorite perk for online shoppers who are in a hurry. It’s so simple you’re gonna fall in love at first click.

  • Place your order online and select Curbside Pick Up.
  • After you place your order, text ‘Curbside Pick Up’ to 843-359-7726
  • When your order is packed and ready for pick up (usually within 15 minutes or less of your purchase), you’ll get a text that says ‘C’mon!’ 
  • When you’re on your way, reply ‘On My Way’ 
  • When you pull up text ‘I’m Here’ 

Booyah! We’re there with your order in hand. Don’t you just love it? It’s the new best way ever for shopping.

C’mon . . . you know you want to order something online just to see it work. We'll be waiting! xoxo